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Hernandez Auto Sales has proudly served the North Central Texas area since 1998. We are a family owned and operated dealership. We are dedicated to honesty, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a family run business, we at Hernandez Auto Sales have a direct interest in making sure that the best possible product reaches the consumer.

At many other dealerships the sales person that you may deal with today maybe gone tomorrow. That means, all the promises made to you may have left as well. This is a very common problem being that the auto industry has a very high sales person turnover rate. There are times that sales people will deliberately fabricate stories about a car’s history knowing full well that they are only looking to make a quick buck. This maybe in contrast to the company owner’s vision of how he/she would like to do business. Never the less, the buyer ends up with the short end of the stick either with a bad deal or with long and short term promises that can not be upheld.

In contrast, Hernandez Auto Sales has three partners who all have a vested interest in the dealership’s success. We follow four basic principles in approaching a sale.

First, the customer must have all the correct information about the vehicle. That means, if we know that there had been previous body work on any given unit we disclose it. Nine times out of ten, a buyer won’t mind a previous repair if they are properly informed as to what had been done.

Second, it is in our best interest to make you a satisfied customer. At many other dealerships the car that is correct for you is the one they need to sell the most or the one that yields the highest commission. However, our philosophy is to allow the prospective buyer to make their own decision and sell the vehicle to them selves. Keep in mind, we take pride in all the cars we sell so no matter which you choose we will make sure that the car follows our reputation.

Last, we are a low pressure bunch of guys. Unlike typical car salespeople the three of us don’t fight over commissions and sales. Any buyer who visits our business becomes the customer of all of us. The bottom line is we will not put you in a car that we wouldn’t want our family members to drive.

Our direct approach is not only reflected in how we deal with our customers but it is also evident in the types of vehicles we purchase to resell. We all have extensive knowledge in the general automotive field with each of us taking on our own distinctive roles as experts in different areas.


The Vehicles


We specialize in high quality vehicles from all major manufacturers. We are dedicated to working one on one with our customers in order to aid them in the decision making process. Most important, we at " Hernandez Auto Sales" are proud of our unbelievable reputation in North Central Texas and nationwide for operating an honest and respectable car dealership. We can also custom order any make, year and model if we don't currently have it in stock.


What separates Hernandez Auto Sales from other dealers?


The difference is in our attitude towards our customers and our continuing friendship shown to our customers after the sale. All cars on our lot are eligible for an extended warranty to protect the customer from those annoying minor problems that can make life miserable. All of our partners are thoroughly knowledgeable about our products, and this enthusiasm benefits our customers. If you ever have any questions regarding the purchase of your vehicle feel free to call us or leave us e-mail at josehernandez_68@msn.com


Mechanic Services


We also Offer Mechanic Services after The purchased to our costumers that are in need of a good , quality reliable , reasonable and prompt mechanical issues feel free to talk to us about your mechanic needs if you ever encounter them. 

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